It’s been more than 12 years since I first wanted to create an online platform for educational and spiritual events. But in Dec 2006 I have first started actually developing a website together with friends. It “failed” every time so far. I’ve started to do it again with different teams under different names every couple of years and put so much time, money and effort into it and ran into walls (metaphorically speaking 😉 my forehead must bleeding badly now. ?

Very long story short: I was meeting His Holiness Menri Trizin recently and told him about the idea to put Bon events there. He gave his blessing and even offered his support. That gave me confidence and I started to give it another try. So now I actually want to, at first, focus only on Bon events.(Though feel free to add other dharma or spiritual events. They would be displayed in a different category…)

If it works out in the Bon community, then we can see whether it could work for all kinds of dharma events.

?Now, my MAIN VISION about this project is one very specific feature which lets everyone request her/his favourite teachers to her/his hometown. For example, if 15 people in your hometown request Geshe X, he may actually come because interest or demand has been shown.

Everyone can request teachers as well as topics. So that when a sufficient number of people request a certain topic in a certain town or region, a teacher may say “I’d be happy to go there and do this teaching!”

This is just the first draft of the site, totally imperfect as everything is. 😉 But as it’s just a few hours left to New Year’s I have just published the site and am writing this post still this year.

My requests to all of you are:
1. Please go to, sign up and add Bon events: Just title, start and end date, teacher and location and maybe link to more info. Adding pictures, description, links etc. is all optional! Anyone can register free. Right now anyone can modify all events as well. So please feel free to improve the existing data.
2. Please share this message with your friends and in Bonpo groups (I haven’t really been active on any groups yet)
3. I just started this social media thing recently and am still learning about it along the way. Is it OK to ask you to tag yourself or tag friends? Especially when they are organising Bon events.
4. Please give me feedback! (like “Simon, it’s not possible to register, the website is down” ? or any feedback whatsoever!

OK, I’m gonna press the button now! ?

You will be contributing to my dream big time!
Thanks a lot!
– Simon Smaluhn

PS: The domain name isn’t perfect either. It’s just what I’ve had available; one idea I’ve had was 84000events. Or you have have better ideas?

PPS: I have tried giving up on this dream by “failing” so many times, by doing meditation, therapy, whatever… So far I couldn’t let go. Damn karma! ?

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