What is my promise?
> Within 30 days, I will coach you to form 1 new habit.

Why make use of my Habit Coaching?
> It’s difficult to create and maintain a new habit.
I’ll support you on your journey and be there for you whenever you encounter challenges.

What will the coaching program look like?
> I will accompany you for 30 days in your journey to form a new habit.
> We will have an initial 45 min call to identify the one habit you’d like to form and make a simple solid plan about how to implement your habit into your current life circumstances.
> You will need to do daily reporting daily (that can be as simple as an e-mail saying “I did it today”)*

> We will have regular check-ins about your habit to review how you’re doing. This is especially important when you bump into unexpected challenges.

Why does it work?
> There’s no secret and no magic to it. It’s actually quite simple and when we’ll have our coaching sessions you may even think “this is too simple and too obvious!”. And I think that’s part of the reason why it works.

Throughout our whole coaching I make use of certain principles: simplicity, small steps, the power of honesty and acknowledgement, the 70 % rule, rewards, accountability.

When trying to form a new habit, most of us get excited at the beginning, but then we don’t follow through until our efforts actually become a habit.

There can be many reasons for that. And that is why having someone accompany you, to check in with how you’re doing, reflect on challenges and find ways to deal with these challenges can be the deciding factor of succeeding vs failing.

Also, when you have someone you need to be accountable for and have actually paid money, this can be an incentive. It works, so why not make use of it. 😉

Why do I offer this?
> I’ve invested to much time, money and effort into learning how to create and maintain habits and it’s been a passion of mine for about 20 years.

I now want to share some of my knowledge and experiences and contribute to others’ well-being. I guess it’s a need for contribution/meaning/purpose.

As well as doing something that I enjoy to get my living costs covered instead of doing something which I am skilled at, but enjoy a bit less (like consulting for and creation of websites/online-shops and support for anything apple/mac-related).

And I am really excited about learning with and from you through our journey together.

How can I apply? What do I need to be able to do your coaching?
> a) Time for your new habit for the next 30 days, b) Time for our coaching: Initial call: 45 min, 4 x 15 Min-Calls and one 45 Min Celebration and Review-Session. c) Openness and trust to follow my suggestions. You may be disappointed at first about me breaking down your new habit into small, easy and attainable steps or milestones. There’s a reason why you didn’t stick with your habits until now. This time it will be different.
> I usually charge 80 € per coaching session. 3h x 80 € 240 €.
Because this is a pilot program and I want to see whether people would actually be interested in it, I’ll just charge 100 € for the first 5 people who sign up.
> At the end of our coaching, I’d like to ask for an honest testimonial that I could also use for marketing purposes
> And if you liked it, I’d ask you to share it with your friends or ask you to send a short message to a few people you think might enjoy this coaching too (of course not, if you didn’t like it!)

> English or German

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